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Write it down – put it away – and watch it materialize.
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 It was an August night in the early 90s..  I was taking a limousine service from O’Hare Airport to a town 50 miles out of the city.  It was dark and the drive was long.  I was tired after a long journey and settled into the back seat and tucked my briefcase under my legs. 


 The limo driver was a lovely lady in her 50s  and during the 1 ½ hour trip we chatted about life, loves and dreams.


 She told me that she was looking for her “life partner” and hadn’t been able to find him.


 I shared my “write it down and watch it happen” principle with her.  A philosophy I had lived by for most of my life.


 I suggested that she sit down with pen and paper and write down all the qualities she would most admire in her “life partner”.   “Don’t get too complicated or too detailed in your descriptions”  I said.  “Just keep it simple”.


 I confessed that I had always written a 5 year plan.    As soon as it was completed I would tuck it away somewhere in a drawer or on a memory stick and simply forget about it.     5 years later I would find the list and begin to check off all the wishes and dreams one by one until I had checked them all off.


 She said “What sort of things do you write?”


 “The list should not be specific – but general.”  I said. “Imagine that you are living your dream.  You are sitting in a chair looking out a window five years from now.   What are you looking at?   The ocean, a forest, a bustling city,  a beautiful garden,  a running stream? “


 “Turn around and look at your dream home -  Is it cluttered and cozy and full of books and art?.  Is it stark and clean and modern?. What are the colors… what is the theme?   Who lives there?”


 “Wander into your bedroom.  Look in the closet – what clothes are hanging there. If you are single  – are a man’s or woman’s clothes hanging in the wardrobe next to yours?”


 “What  do you do with your day?   What is your perfect day?  Write it down a full day’s dream schedule. “  (This is very important as it begins to create a new daily pattern in your mind’s eye. ) I explained that the list should be at least 1 full lined page.  Then tuck it away and forget about it.


 “Do your 5 year plans come true?” she asked


 “Yes” I said. “I remember one plan I wrote when I was overworked and overstressed.  I had written that I wanted to be living in a home overlooking the ocean in New Zealand and working no more than 2 hours a day on my computer.”


 “My logical mind said that this could not happen as I was already heavily committed to my current work in the USA and was at my computer 12-15 hrs a day.  But 5 years later I found myself living in my dream home overlooking Whangaroa Harbour in New Zealand and running a little accommodation business and working 2 hours a day on the computer.  I had animals to heal my weary soul and the peaceful beauty of the countryside to heal my weary mind. “


 “My next 5 year plan took me back to the USA and back into civilization.   I was well rested and ready to start a new journey. “


 We chatted happily for the whole journey.  Two strangers in the night sharing our stories and passing the time.


 A year later that I found myself traveling from O’Hare to the same small town. As I stepped into the limo I was pleased to see a familiar face beaming at me from the driver’s seat.


 As soon as I was settled into my seat she excitedly told me her story.


 “I wrote it down” she said.  “What I wanted in a man”.    When I had finished it and read it over I was about to put it in a drawer when I realized that I had written the exact description of a man I knew very well.   I had never thought of him as my life partner.  But when I read what qualities I wanted in my man  I knew that I had described him to a “T”. “


 “We are together now” she said.  “And we are so happy.    And we both thank you.“



As I say in my book “If  you don’t know where you are going. nowhere is where you will end up. 

Follow the blueprint.