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Our brain is thinking 70,000 thoughts a day.  What are we doing with them.

What is a thought?


An idea or mental picture, imagined and contemplated:

Psychologists say:

They are certainly caused by brain function, but we do not yet have a solid idea regarding what it is about brain function that gives rise to them. Is it the particular kinds of neurons involved?

Neuroscientists believe that a thought is just a pattern of electrical activity inside our brains.

But if we scowl or smile our thoughts can cross a room – in fact they are reaching out to touch you now.

Some scientists believe this is how the 6th sense works - that human thoughts merge into a collective consciousness that spans the globe.

Brain researches such as Roger Nelson, the director of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) have run tests for over 30 years looking for evidence of a global mind.

Their tests show that the human mind can affect random number generators by just concentrating their thoughts on them.

Researchers also believe that our thoughts are morphic fields – an invisible extension of ourselves.

Our minds, through these extended fields, stretch out far beyond our heads and link us to other people and our environment.

What a responsibility it is for us to use our thoughts effectively and wisely.  

How many times do we move away from negativity and are drawn to positivity?  

I was walking over a street crossing the other day and a beautiful women in her early 20s was walking towards me.  She was one of those people that just draw positivity. She held her head high.  She was dressed to perfection in her own creative style.  I said to her, as we were passing.. “Your outfit is wonderful!”.   She smiled with such happiness and said “Thank you”.     We were complete strangers that shared in each other’s positive energy and it felt great!

Are you sharing your thoughts today?    We have 70,000 of them to share.  Even if we shared only 2 positive thoughts – we could make difference.

How many of your daily thoughts are being influenced by other people?

Are those negative or positive thoughts?

Twitter has become the “Thought Phenomenon” of the new cyber world.

It provides us with the ability to share a “thought” and read other’s thoughts in seconds.   We have 1.2 thoughts every second.. so we still have many thoughts left to influence the day.

“Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?”


Sigmund Freud



For more on Roger Nelson's research visit: