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Your exhibit booth is your billboard for your brand and company image.  The more professional it looks – the more credible your product and brand are perceived.

 Beginners Guide to Trade Shows: 

There are two types of trade shows :

Industry Trade Shows – Usually not open to the public. Just buyers and exhibitors are allowed to attend and must be registered prior to attending. i.e. Housewares Show, NACDS, Toy Fair etc.

Consumer Trade Shows – For the general public.  e.g. Home Show, Surf and Dive Show etc.   An opportunity to exhibit your company, products and brand and create added consumer awareness.


When you have developed your products and have created your brand and company image – it is time to “go to the show”.


Industry Trade Shows offer you three major opportunities:

  1. Exposing your products to your buyers
  2. Interviewing and hiring independent reps
  3. Meeting the press – PR opportunities


In order to establish which industry trade show you should attend – do your research.

First you need to know what industry your product is best suited to i.e. sporting goods, cosmetics,  clothing etc.

Once you have established the industry – research what are the 3 major trade shows for this industry.

Your end goal is to register for the show that best suits your needs i.e. It is cost effective and will enable you to  expose your product to your potential buyers.

The trade show organizers will send you a show package which provides you with all the necessary information – Booth space sizes, power, set up times, cleaning services labor, show events, press attendees, etc.

You will have to book a booth space – so you will need to decide what style booth and what size space you need.


You have 3 types of booths to choose from:

(1)  A trade show’s standard booth (provided )    Usually a 10ft x 10ft  booth space and features: 6 ft table, draped back wall and sides, carpet,  signage - name of your company  (No logo)

(2)  Rent a booth from an exhibit booth company:

Many choices to choose from a simple Pop up booth – easy to assemble by yourself or a more substantial booth that would require you to hire trade show labor to assemble and disassemble.

(3) Have a custom booth created and built to your specifications.  Ideal scenario if you are going to be exhibiting at shows on a regular basis. It also enables you to feature your products and brand to their best advantage.


For your first trade show you may want to keep costs to a minimum – a simple hired “pop up” booth with lights and graphics in a 10x10ft space is all you need..


You will not have to pay for labor and can set it up and break it down yourself.   Spend your money on your graphics, presentation, promotional displays, press releases  (and a carpet for your space if the carpet color is not complimentary to your graphics)

When your product is established in the marketplace then splurge on a custom booth –


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