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Lenore Harris's Biography

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San Francisco Bay Area
Feb 2009

Lenore Rebecca

Observer, Cynic, Sage, Literary Diva

Daughter of four, sister of one, godmother of Jamari, Naomi, Cole

Who feels strong, lucid, and alone but not lonely

Lover of words, justice, and football

Who needs chocolate, solitude and pen and paper and

Values intimacy, honesty, and creativity but

Fears complacency, small-mindedness, and oppression and

Shares food, time, and wisdom and

Would like to win a Noble Prize, travel overseas and live a valuable life

Resident of a bigger greater world



Toni Morrison
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
James Baldwin
Ralph Ellison
Conversations overheard on buses and Bart
My students

Upcoming Works

A novel excerpt in the Prisim Review
Untitled monologue in Voices, Spring 2009
A novel excerpt in the San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology 2009
A novel excerpt in the Crab Orchard Review -- Land of Lincoln, Summer/Fall 2010

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