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Today is booth setup day at Book Expo America, a time for putting up posters, setting out display copies, and otherwise getting ready for "the running of the bulls" on Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. When the clock ticks over from 8:59 to 9:00, the doors to the Exhibit Hall will officially open and thousands of tennis-shoed book sellers will come racing into the book maze, many already having developed a sophisticated plan, or hit list, for scooping up the most desired ARCs (advanced reading copies) and other goodies from the major publishers before the stacks of books, posters, and whatzits disappear.

Few will race to my booth within the Independent Publisher's Group area (#2723), but they will make their way to me at some point during the show, if only to glance up at the name of my press, shrug, and move on. If you happen to be at the show, stop by and say hello.

I wish you all could be here!

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I wish I could be there!

Will you be wearing your hat? Maybe you'll be surprised, and the foot traffic to you will be mesmerizing.

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Maybe there's some pheremone

Maybe there's some pheremone you could spritz on your covers.... Man is ruled by his nose, y'know.

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Mad Hatter

Yes, I will be wearing one of my fedoras, a vintage Dobbs straw hat, black, with a multi-colored band of red, gray, mustard, and black, but the effect is far less than mesmerizing.

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Len, keep it coming! I wish I could be there -- and it would be alongside your booth in that very very special area -- so please keep describing and letting me be there vicariously!