where the writers are
in harm's way- chapter 5

Chapter 5


A groaning sound escaped her lips as she reached out to turn off the alarm clock. She climbed out of her bed and wiped her wretched tears away. Ally took off her headphones and put her iPod back in its rightful position.

She walked over to her closet and picked out a few articles of clothing that apparently illuminated rays of joy. A hot pink tank top with the trendiest pair of jeans topped off with a warming mini-jacket  and an incredible pair of shoes.

She dressed herself rapidly avoiding any contact with her mirror as she knew that that would make her waterfalls regain power- that was not appropriate at that time of day, those waterfalls were reserved for the darkling plains and skies of the deep nights.  Ally grabbed her cell phone and a pile of books from the top-shelf. She slowly opened her bedroom door making sure her mother was out of sight. She couldn’t handle another confrontation with that creature- she was still re-cooperating from the scream therapy session  of the previous night.

Breakfast was no longer a necessity, for some peculiar, unknown reason Ally’s body refused to consume any form of nutrition when she was alone. So eating became just a part of her act to keep up appearances and an effort to hide her true, painful state.   That meant less time to be spent behind the suffocating walls of her home, so she quickly walked out the front door breathing in the cold, forbidding winter air that chilled every inch of her body. Yet somehow, the chill appealed to her, it matched her inside… cold, icy, emotionless. She walked to her red-sports car and climbed in, dumping her pile of books in the empty backseat. She then adjusted her seat and recollected her scrambled thoughts.

The roads were empty, the sky was clear and the beautiful angel-white snow lined the doorstep of every household. It was very peaceful, very calm and breathtakingly gorgeous. However, the only thought which seemed to cross Ally’s fragile mind was that which wished to be lying under the snow. Cold, motionless, breathless, dead… what else could possibly be more adventurous? To be able to say that she had seen what the great beyond was truly like. To distinguish fact from fiction, could it possibly be peaceful? Do angels surround you? Do you accomplish and achieve everything you desire? That was Ally’s dream… a journey to the great beyond… the puzzling after-life. After all, it would be better than anything this world could ever offer.




Ally was awaken from her day-dreams when she arrived at school… her theatre… her stage. The parking lot was empty, not another vehicle in sight, not another human to meet her icy, cold gaze. Since it was empty, Ally could afford to be herself  for a while. A twist to her daily routine… no smiles and laughs to make her muscles ache… the thought was simply exhilarating.

She parked her car and stepped out, carrying along her broken soul and heavy books. Ally took short strides to the entrance of her ‘theatre’ and walked over to her locker. It was the perfect cover-up, lined with pink and purple decorations … the joyous spirit that had once inhabited her body loved the décor of the locker. But now, they were met with disgust and revolted looks.

She shoved her books into her locker, yet one thin book slipped and hit the cold floor… “Romeo and Juliet”  the play she was analyzing in literature class.

She bent down to pick it up, yet… as she did so a second pair of hands raced forward to grab the book. Ally didn’t dare look up. ‘I thought I was alone’ was the thought racing through her mind. She glanced at the pair of hands, too beautiful to be human… a boy… a new one. Her heart raced and pumped ferociously. She knew he would be different, she could feel it. She then ventured to tilt her head up to steal  a quick glance.

He was new… that she was certain of. The hallways were bare of any other human souls but his and hers. She could sense his tension and he could sense hers… he looked up and their gazes intertwined. Their eyes stayed locked to each other’s… everything but their eyes shared  awkward silence. But their eyes, the windows to their souls… indulged in deep conversation.

Finally it was ally that broke the silence.

“Hi…” said she.

“Hey,” replied he, picking himself up and helping Ally stand up, “I’m Ethan.”

“I’m Allison, Ally for short,” replied Ally, “ thanks for the help. I’ve never seen you around before. Are you new?”

“ Yes, I am,” replied Ethan, in the best interpretation of a British accent that ever reached Ally’s ears.

“You’re not from around here. Are you?”

“No, I’m not. I just moved here from the UK. Would you mind showing me around?” asked Ethan, almost pleading.

“Sure, why not?” said Ally, placing her book back in her locker, “Since, the school’s empty, I’ll introduce you to your new home.”

Ethan was very different from the rest of the people in Jefferson High School. He was breathtakingly gorgeous. Not the usual blue-eyed jock, he had black hair that seemed to be blessed by angels. And green eyes that made Ally’s green eyes appear like a shamble. He had the perfect facial structure and his words were so eloquent that they seemed almost artistic. Ally had a difficult time looking away, in fact it was almost impossible to speak. Yet, she knew that she  would never admit to liking him.

“Could you show me your schedule?” asked Ethan/

“what?” replied Ally, he had broken her train of thought and had caught her off-guard.

“Your schedule,” repeated Ethan, hiding the smile that formed on his face.

“hey!! Don’t laugh, I didn’t get much sleep, I’m tired,” said Ally biting her tongue, she could hear her inner-demons jeering with laughter at her stupidity.

Ethan grabbed Ally’s  schedule and compared it to his, the school was still empty but a few people were beginning to arrive.

“well, we’ve got Literature, Physics and Chemistry together. I believe I’ll be seeing you quite a few times.” Said Ethan flashing his white teeth, that seemed to glisten like diamonds.

“that’s good,” began Ally, “now we have to walk you to the front office to get registered.”

“then let’s go….” stated Ethan.

“Ok Mr. Ethan, step right this way,” directed Ally.

“why, heaven forbid! Ladies first,” said Ethan suppressing a gentle laugh.

“Oh! For the love of God!” complained Ally.

They walked side by side. Cautious, almost afraid to cast a lingering look at each other. So they walked, slowly, watching the school campus being infiltrated by all the other students.