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Pretty Precious Things

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” ~ Lucy Van Pelt regarding Easter

Every year about when the crocuses pop, I venture up to my attic, also known as “home of a thousand Christmas boxes” to pull out a few decorative eggs, Easter bunnies and colorful little “Jim Cracks” (as mom used to call them) to brighten up the house for Springtime.

                                                                                       Easter Basket 1963

Then I found the piece de resistance — “baby’s first” Easter basket. Yes, my very first one from back in 1963 (oops – typo alert! Don’t I mean 1973?) After wiping my misty eyes dry, (as you know if you’ve read some recent posts, it’s been an achingly emotional past few months) I smiled, and realized just how very precious this pretty little Easter basket is to me.

(ITALIAN LESSON: Happy Easter = Buona Pasqua)

My sweet childhood gift still looks perfectly pristine (photo below) and I’ll cherish it along with my memories of every Easter I was lucky enough to spend with two awesome loving parents … always.

So please share in the comments section: what are your “precious things”?

                                                                            Easter Basket 2011

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