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Mar 2009

Mom told me we were not a normal family.  I believe her now, but “not normal” may be too gentle a term.  Shall we try  Crazy, Loony, Nuts, Mad, Kooky – plain ol’ insane? O.K., you may think I am disrespecting my mother and my family, believe me, I’m not.  I really love to reminisce about the pure craziness and recount many of the stories my mother told me while I was growing up, and I actually enjoy sharing bits of our family (mom’s) craziness I witnessed as a kid, a teen and yes, it continues on even as an adult. 

Our family certainly seemed to always have a running supply of insanity, so I hope to entertain you with true stories and snippets of Madness Mom and Me, Desperately Seeking Sanity in an NJ Italian family.  I also hope that one day the madness will be in book form (publishers - are you out there?).

p.s. Madness -  the movie would be so entertaining, I can guarantee that!

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