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Why I Sleep with Dogs
Frosty Ready for Cuddles

Just like lots of other folks, my family has struggled over the last few years, and we’re not out of the woods yet.

Scott was laid off and my own business has suffered from the poor economy. For the Hooligans, Onslo was very ill in ‘09 and Frosty in ‘11. Thankfully they both pulled through, but, even with pet insurance, it was a real strain paying the vet bills.

On the positive side, I have developed a deeper understanding of why pet assisted therapy is so, well, therapeutic. Even though Nurse Frosty and I have been involved in pet therapy visits for about ten years, I see now that I didn’t really see how wonderful it is. Sure, Frosty’s ladies often thank us for coming, and one lady this week looked at me and said, “I love it when Frosty visits me.” Of course, this made me happy and proud of my little Scottie, but now, in my own life, I get it, really get it. You see, these days I find myself waking up before dawn in a dark house with no one else awake, and my mind goes into worry overload. What if Scott can’t find even a part time job and soon? What if one of us gets really sick? What if . . . ? What if . . . ?

That’s when I reach out for one of my Scotties or Onslo, my big Foldie boy. There is always at least one sleeping peacefully near by. I begin to stroke that soft coat and whisper loving thoughts. Soon, I find the knot in my stomach untying and my heart beat slowing. I am often able to doze off until just after dawn when Tarquin, my Wheaten Scottie, has decreed to be the must-get-up-and-get-going time. And, when we do get up, those dark, depressing four a.m. thoughts are pushed way to the back, and I’m eager to face the day.

But, I do wonder: what do folks without a fur friend do?

Nurse Frosty kindly let me post on her blog but she'll be back real soon.

Lee Juslin