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Nurse Frosty and the Big Bingo Balooza
Fold'ear the Fantabulous

My literary alter ego—Nurse Frosty—is back in a fourth adventure: Nurse Frosty and the Big Bingo Balooza.

This time the residents of the Four Paws Retirement Home are holding a fall festival topped by a Bingo Balooza. What is a Bingo Balooza you ask? Well, it’s the mother of all bingo games with some pretty spiffy prizes. The grand prize being a wonderful plaid Bark-O-Lounger. Now I could really get into that—quite literally.

Rodney Rabbitzki, Deputy Fifenbaum (ret.), and Mrs. Fold’ear all return for the fun. And, take a look at Mrs. Fold’ear as Fold’ear the Fantabulous! She's a big hit!

Rodney, for once, has organized the day’s festivities pretty well given the bull horns he purchased on Ebay. Even a bit of a dust up between Omar, the home’s chef, and Aunt Clara’s Cubilicous Cupcakes is smoothed over.

 But, despite a very successful festival and a good deal of money raised for a local charity, the evening’s festivities don’t go quite as smoothly. A local gang, the Evildoers, crashes the party and threatens to ruin everything—don’t you just hate a bully? But, Nurse Frosty with the help of Deputy Fifenbaum (ret.), Miz Bullsy, Mrs. Fold’ear, and some of the other residents, manages to thwart the Evildoers and send them running into the waiting arms and paddy wagons of the police.

 As always some lessons are learned but by working together there is a happy ending.

 With whimsical, original illustrations by Karen Donnelly of Arooo Studios, this colorful book with it’s imaginative story is perfect for ages 7-11 either as a read alone or to be read allowed by parents or teachers.

 Not yet available on amazon.com, but order an author-signed copy at a special pre-publication price available only until 10/12/11.

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Nurse Frosty

This 4th Nurse Frosty book is not yet available on amazon.com but you can get your copy at a pre-publication price at I B Dog Gone.