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Getting Ready for the BIG Day!
Frosty hosting her annual holiday party.

Thought I'd check in with everyone as we rush about getting ready for the "big day".

Actually for me the big day is when I host my annual holiday party at Sterling House here in my home town of New Bern. It's a truly festive occasion with gift bags, refreshments, stories, and, of course, photos with me in my Santa suit. What, you didn't think girls could play Santa? Come on, this IS the 21st century.

This year my party will be on Tuesday, the 21st of December. It takes a lot of preparation. Of course I'll need an appointment at the beauty parlor, and Mom will have to get out my Santa suit and make sure it's pressed and ready to go.

Then there are the gift bags to make. We've gotten all the supplies, but it will take some time to assemble everything and print the holiday cards that go on each one. This year our count is 45. Mom will take them up to Sterling House the day before the party so I can make a grand entrance in my red suit trimmed in white fur. Against my own black fur I look pretty terrif!

Then, after the party, we're not done because Mom takes the photos, inputs them into the computer, and makes cards for everyone which we will deliver the following Tues. on our regular visit.

You can go here to see some photos from a previous party:

Frosty's Holiday Party

Of course I'll be reporting on all the excitement and joy of this year's party.

Santa-ly submitted,

Nurse Frosty CGD, ThD, e:sv, AKC therapy dog