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Frosty's Christmas Party
The Hug

I know everyone is getting pretty excited about Christmas being almost here, but Mom and I had our Christmas yesterday. That was the day I hosted my anual holiday party at Sterling House.

Now, I visit Sterling House every Tuesday morning, but come Christmas time, I'm decked out in my custom Santa suit and host a holiday party. This year was #9!

Mom had made 45 gift bags for the residents and Sterling House provided Christmas cookies and punch. Well, I mean we could hardly have champagne at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning now, could we?

Mom read some Christmas stories including The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus by Ogden Nash and Jest 'Fore Christmas by Eugene Field. They are poems and pretty funny. If you never heard of them, go ahead and google them. I'm pretty sure you'll like them, too.

Then, she read a new story called The Story of the Christmas Spiders. Yeah, I know spiders and Christmas don't really go together, but this turned out to be a very sweet story and my ladies really liked it.

Next, I took turns sitting in laps - and let me tell you some of these folks really don't have a lap, and I had to balance myself like a Billy Goat on the side of a hill. But, that was okay because I got a lot of cuddles and hugs.

Mom inputs the photos into her computer and makes individual cards for everyone. We'll deliver those next Tuesday. Kind of a nice way to sort of extend the holiday celebration.

Actually this year I got a two-fer, because on Monday we visited the Cancer Center here in town. We took pictures there, too, and I got more cuddles and hugs. So, I really don't see how Christmas can get any better!

Joyfully submitted,

Nurse Frosty aka Santa Claus