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Frosty Accepted into AKC Therapy Dog Program
Read about Frosty's therapy pet adventures in Frosty's Story.
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Frosty's AKC Certificate

The AKC recently started a therapy dog recognition program. Naturally Mom had to jump right on it and submit my resume for membership. Can you say: Stage Mother?

Of course with my 9.5 years in therapy pet work, I was accepted without question. So, what did I get? I got a pretty cool AKC badge which Mom sewed on my nurse's uniform. There wasn't room on my official therapy vest me being such a svelte chick and all. Then I got an official certificate with my name on it, and gold seal, and lots of fancy words. I guess it's pretty exciting.

However, it doesn't change things. I'm still visiting every Monday morning in the chemo room here at the Cancer Center in our little burg and, of course, my friends at Sterling House on Tuesday mornings. I imagine they would all still love me even if I didn't have a cool badge and a certificate.