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Dying in Childbirth
Icy Jackson Patton and husband. Family photos of Leah Maines





Dying in Childbirth

         for little Icy Jackson Patton and her twin sons



My dear Icy, I think of you and I wonder

What hopes must have rested

On the palms of your hands as you rested them

                atop your large round belly filled with twin boys

                                but you did not know you carried sons in your future then

                those baby boys so valuable in your day



Perhaps you hoped for daughters

or just a daughter

To dress in white lace

Or maybe the pressure was on for those boys

                either way

You look so happy those first few months

                early on

                                before they peek their precious heads

                or better said

                                before they could not peek

                and the pressure became too great for all three

                                                                                                             and so all slept instead