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Diabolically Ripping
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D. J. H. Thorn
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Corny escapes, underground tunnels, panto villains, an unfeasibly gifted master of jujitsu: I loved it. 'The Diabolist' is the third of the 'Dominic Grey' series and reading it is rather like chucking the diet and going for a tub of ice cream. It's a pleasure you need not feel guilty about. It references Dennis Wheatley, whose territory it covers, Aleister Crowley and Dan Brown who the author thankfully doesn't emulate. It is a fast-paced novel, but with plenty of attention to detail.

The plot begins with the murders of the leaders of satanic cults which religious phenomenologist Viktor Radek and the jujitsu expert Grey investigate under the Interpol banner. The police, it might be noted, are left well out of this. Ghosts, out of body manifestations and blood sacrifices abound, although the story is much more earthbound than that suggests. Green also uses a wide array of locations, beginning with San Francisco and Paris, but stretching to York and Whitby, including the former's Golden Fleece pub, one of my favourite haunts.

Many of the scenes in this book stretch one's credulity to breaking point, but who cares? It's a wonderful yarn.