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My son, Kedar
I was helped, not once, but twice, during the same incident. My son was excited he got a job at UCLA. He flew down to LA with copies of birth certificate and social security card along with other immediate requirements. The first day at work was orientation and completing the remainder of the...
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My mother's organic mango tree
I just got back from my travels to India. I was fortunate to be there during the mango season. I had the privilege of eating green mangoes straight from my mother’s organic garden. My mother had planted two three-year-old mango saplings when I was about the same age. Now the mango trees are big...
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Fragrant Mussel Soup
As a youngster, growing up in India, I always looked forward to Christmas, one of my favorite holidays.  Typically it is followed by the grand finale of Indian feast, Diwali, festival of lights that comes about in October or early November.  In spite of having enjoyed traditional Indian festivals,...
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Small gestures can have so much meaning especially coming from a tiny creature. Last week when I was strolling in my garden I saw a beautiful, bright green, large grasshopper, almost three inches long, sitting on our lawn. I closed the screen so she would not fly inside the house. After a while,...
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Our cute banana tree
My Obsession: Led Me to a Beautiful Banana Tree I am addicted, addicted to walking, that is. As a writer I am sitting in front of the computer and at the table for hours. Walking relieves my strain. As a matter of fact, I am so obsessed with walking I just get up right after my work and go for a...
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