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I WON!  I WON!  That's right, I FINISHED my novel! That's right, and my final word count was 52,493 words.  I finished it up tonight and you know how I feel? Drained and Elated. I feel utterly and completely spent but also elated.  I have finished a novel.  This is a very big first for me.  I...
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Well here we go, the final week of NaNo and I'm only at 35k!  Considering the official winning starts in 3 days, I've really gotta put my nose to the grindstone.  I'm so close to finishing up, I can just taste it!  Oh, and here's the excerpt in my novel that I posted on the site.  It's probably my...
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Well, you know that feeling you get when you've finally hit a breakthrough after running into a wall?  I do, and I love that feeling.  I guess I just had to be inspired to take this book to the next level.  I completely rewrote the first big fight scene in my novel and I am so happy with it, wow. ...
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You know that block that people tend to hit in week 2 of NaNo?  I think I've finally been hit by it.  I've barely written anything today and had to settle for just typing up some stuff in my notebook to improve my word count.  My notebook is sitting there, calling to me, but I just feel so burnt...
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All right, before I start this review let me note: my rants/reviews tend to go all over the place. With this, I will TRY to keep things concise, but no promises. For another, I have read Twilight cover to cover. Twice. No skimming, no skipping, but have actually read and absorbed the entire book....
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Well I decided to go home this weekend and while I haven't fallen behind too much, things are really creeping up on me.  I've got to keep ahead on my hand-written stuff otherwise I won't have anything to type.  But if I take too long typing, I won't have time to do my stuff in the notebook.  Oi.  I...
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Well I've been writing by hand non-stop for the past two days.  Every spare moment has been dedicated to reaching 25,000 words by the 13th.  I don't want to lose my momentum now, especially not since I've hit a breakthrough of inspiration.  This is completely against my outline that I wrote for my...
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This has part and parcel to do with my NaNo novel, Flame of Raven's Soul.  I classified it as Young Adult Fiction because I wasn't sure if it was too juvenile for adults.  After all, the main characters are in their teens and it's mostly set in a high school, dealing with the problems of teenagers...
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I guess this is the first entry I'll make into this blog.  Although I prefer my Livejournal, I think this wouldn't be so bad either.  *Smiles*  What should I say about myself?  My name is Laurine Bruder but everyone calls me Ree.  I decided to use this to create an alternate name, R.E.E., for...
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