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Rice Lake, WI
Not unless I can marry the partner of my choosing.
Nov 2008

Having traveled and lived in many states across the US, Laurine Bruder finally settled in the upper midwest of Wisconsin.  Growing up as a bisexual Pagan in a small Church town wasn't always easy, but it certainly gave her eye-opening views of what the world could be like.  And yet, she still clings to that eternal hope that there is good left in mankind.  It just needs to be brought to the surface.  Laurine was given the nickname of Ree (also her writing moniker) by her first community of online friends, whom she will always be thankful for.  The nickname has stuck through high school and her first two years of college and it's probably the best one she's known by.  She has a group of extended framily (friends who are family) and her mother and younger sister for love and support.  Ree is currently 22 years old and resides in a one-bedroom apartment with no furniture, no TV, and no phone.  Which makes distractions from writing minimal.  Who knew one could be so lucky?

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Yaoi (also a great genre to write!)