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. . . and Bears, Oh My

On my way to a garden party I was hurrying along a wooded path but for having to stop and wait for my two companions to catch up. One was a large shy black bear who zig-zagged along the trail, hiding behind trees when anyone approached. The other was a beautiful polar bear with a coat of white shimmering in the dappled forest light. She was far more eager to get where we were going except for her loyalty toward the other and not wanting to leave her behind. We could hear the music through the trees but quite a distance remained between us and the event. I was anxious and wanted to hasten our pace, prod the two bears in moving along, but something inside told me not to make either one angry.

As I’ve dreamed of bears many times, and know they often represent the mother figure, I do not automatically assume this meant my mother. In this case I feel the opposing characters signify the duality of emotions I’ve recently encountered regarding my own reference frame as mother. Music generally implies a connection with the creative spirit and a inner sense of harmony. Being that the dream was pleasant and I was unafraid of either bear while moving along the trail I assume it a good omen regarding my future.