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I live and work in southern Florida
Aug 2009

I wear many hats. I am an award winning writer, artist, and photographer as well as a certified Poet Laureate and the President of the Coral Springs Artist Guild. I am studying for a Doctorate in Naturopathy Medicine with a Masters in Herbology. I critique with other local writers as a member of The Coral Springs Writers Group and volunteer doing promotions for the Annual Festival of the Arts. I am also a business owner with four children, one grandbaby, and a dog. (When my son was younger it was two turtles, two parakeets, a cat, a snake, and whatever else he found in the Everglades) Unfortunately, I am left with very little time to sell and promote my work. Even less for getting my written works off the bottom of my closet.


Melville, C.S Lewis, and Thoreau are the likes I aspire to while looking to Koontz, King, and A.L. Kennedy for that sparkle that appeals to today's readers.

Upcoming Works

Chilliasm Diaries- In a world where faith is bought and sold like perishable produce . . . the second coming of Christ could only happen through the advent of technology
The Bible is full of histories where mortal men and women are employed by God. Chiliasm Diaries is a literary thriller series, and like the gospels is a collection of narratives except these stories illustrate the second coming of Christ and the apocalyptic outcome. Gabe’s story is only the first.
This 106,000 word adventure is about a dispirited physicist, Gabriel Shameus, who after his son’s death decides to use the time machine he develops for the Defense Department to undo the mistakes he’s made in the past. He discovers he’s been chosen by God instead. Gabe realizes he must use his time machine to bring Jesus into the 21st Century . . . before all hell breaks loose.
What will the world do when they realize Revelations do not tell us of the future but describes our past?
Will Christ, and Gabe, and their rag-tag team of unlikely heroes be able to prevent another two thousand years of greed, darkness, and self-destruction?
How far will the Devil go to hang on to his throne?
And in the end, will any of it help Gabe get his son back?


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Anything worthy of leaning, everything I've yet to experience, and everywhere I've not been.

Life is too short.