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Dan Fogelberg: Since You've Asked.

I'm preparing for work, sewing things, making sure I have the correct timesheet, etc. I've been working on reinforcing some of my buttons on my blouse. When I repair my clothes, sometimes, I start singing a song in my head, if I don't have the television on. I was singing one song, then I thought of another song and starting singing it. That prompted me to tell this story. 

The first time I played at a friend's wedding, I sent the sheet music to the church pianist. There was a guy that sang the melody to the song and I wrote and played a flute accompanyment.(sp)

We rehearsed a few times, probably during the day before the wedding....or wait, we may not have rehearsed at all. I'm thinking that we didn't really rehearse at all before the wedding.

I was so nervous and wanted to do my best. 

Everything went quite well. When it came time for the song, the three of us performed it really well. 

I remember people afterwards....asked me if I had done this sort of thing before. I was humbled, embarassed and taken off guard that people would ask me questions like that. I just wanted to do my best for my friend's wedding....and that is where my focus stayed. 

I remember asking the pianist what the mirrors were that were angled in different parts of the church ceiling...in the corners because I had never seen that before. She told me that they were there because she was deaf and they helped her to see and coordinate things so she would know when to start playing again after the minister finished speaking, etc. That was so neat! It was really wonderful to see how the church wove its' congregation members and staff together in such a way so they could continue working together to be a really neat church family.