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Resist the temptation - believe me, I do know how hard this is! - to anoint yourself as the expert on all things writing/publishing immediately after selling your first book.
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Stale advice must be shunned, so screw "write what you know"; instead, write what you want to know.
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A writer is a writer 365 days a year, so if you must write today, go ahead, but you need some boundaries on worrying about the business side of things, so forget about publishing until tomorrow and help me root for the Jets.
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Read, read, read - read everything you can get your hands on because you can't be a good writer unless you're a good reader first. And to help you out with that, of the 164 books I've read in 2011, here are the ones I've enjoyed most: Best Adult Fiction The Girl I Used to Be, David CristofanoStill...
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If you drink, please tweet and FB responsibly.
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Commit the following to memory: "Thank you, you've certainly given me a lot to think about" - this will serve you well whenever you are tempted to kneejerk respond "How could you possibly say something so stupid about my book???" by preserving your relationship with that friend/relative/...
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Never tell an unpublished writer that getting published is strictly a matter of talent; never tell a published writer that getting published is strictly a matter of luck.
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  Is TV raising your child? Credit: Corbis It's not easy being a mom. It's probably not easy being a dad, either, but I wouldn't know about that, would I? Several years back, my daughter was just shy of 5, when she turned to me as we waited in line at the local CVS and said...
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When I was first asked to write a piece on the one woman, living or dead, who has inspired me most as a woman and as a writer, the choice seemed self-servingly obvious: Louisa May Alcott. Outside of the fact that everyone loves her -- I mean, who doesn't love Little Women? except maybe the...
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You've probably heard the news by now. Bitch Magazine created a list of "100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader." Some people complained about the inclusion of some of the titles, the magazine removed those titles, then even more people got upset, and 418 comments later... Put it...
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The Twin's Daughter
Please continue reading only if: 1) you've already read The Twin's Daughter; 2) you never intend to read The Twin's Daughter but you're curious about the creative process in general; 3) you haven't read The Twin's Daughter and still do intend to, but you're the sort of person who could have seen...
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The New York Jets are my team and last night they lost to the New England Patriots, dismally. I know it was dismal because 1) the final score really was 45-3, and 2) I watched every second of it. In my world of fandom, a true fan doesn't stop watching just because her team is losing, even dismally...
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Little Women & Me
For an author, seeing a book cover for the first time is something akin to seeing a baby for the first time. There's that sense of, "Oh! So that's what you look like!" And now I'm getting to have that experience with my next YA novel, LITTLE WOMEN & ME, due out on August 16, 2011....
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The other day I stumbled upon a blogger - for the sake of anonymity, we'll refer to this person as Blogger B here - discussing one of my novels in a negative way. On the surface, this is perfectly fine. It's perfectly fine for someone to offer a negative opinion of a book. But that's not all it was...
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At the risk of getting accused of being an exaggerator, my mother is the only Italian woman in the history of the universe who cannot cook to save her own life. (Sorry, Mom! You know I love you!) Growing up, Mom could dry out a piece of meat like nobody's business and one time served a dinner...
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