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Just because an agent passes on one of your books, that doesn’t mean that agent will pass on future books.
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If an agent passes on your book, don’t reply with a knee-jerk snarky email.  
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Believing that your real life will start in the future when your book is published and then you will finally be happy is as nonsensical as believing that when you lose that last 10 – or 100! – pounds and can finally wear Size Whatever, your real life will start and you will finally be happy; your...
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When you start feeling outraged, because someone has disdained the genre you write in or you perceive some other offense, take a break and go look at the front page of the New York Times – there are bigger problems in the world than what you’re going through.  
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When someone asks you, “When are you going to write a real book?” – because they disdain Chick Lit or YA or whatever genre you write in as being somehow less than – simply smile as you think to yourself, “When are you going to write a good book?”; just remember not to say that out loud.
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And another wise quote: “The best way to get on with things is just to get on with things.” ~ Diane Molberg
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If you follow someone on Twitter and they are kind enough to follow you back, wait 24 hours before asking for a favor – really, most writers drink, so in 24 hours they’ll probably forget you haven’t been friends for life and will gladly oblige!
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If you follow someone on Twitter first and they are kind enough to follow you back, do not ask for a favor two seconds later. [Note: This message occurs just once every 30 days: If you've been enjoying these fortune-cookie tips, please consider tipping the tipper by purchasing either of the ebooks...
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The Weight and Color of the Secret Water Diaries of Wives, Sisters and Daughters Who Love Bees – now there’s a best-selling title!  
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The one surefire way to have your book be a bestseller is to use “bee” or “bees” in the title – go ahead and try it; you know you want to.
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Not every reader will “get” you as a writer – get over it. 
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There's little in life more exciting for a writer than discovering a reader who totally gets what you write.
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And Woody Allen was also right: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”   
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Hamlet was right: “the readiness is all.”
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Get out of your own way.
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