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  If you watch Martian Child and see John Cusack living in a Frank Lloyd Wright style of house; if you watch Ruby Sparks and see the lead, having not published anything since his one successful book 10 years ago, still living pretty large; if you see tween-age Molly tell someone at Kelly’s...
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  It defies sense, but the days you drag your feet about writing can sometimes produce your best material, so get cracking, people.  
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You’ve probably heard that thing about Shakespeare and the trained monkey, but the truth is, if it was easy anyone could do it and a monkey can’t.
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  It’s fine to have a message you hope readers will get – indeed, theme is important in adding richness and depth to your work – but if you don’t entertain, first and foremost, the reader will not be around to receive your message.  
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It’s easy to get discouraged about writing and publishing, but it helps if each day you remember to be grateful for at least one good thing: a well-made sentence; a word of encouragement; something that worked out for a writing friend – sometimes, one good thing is enough.
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Try not to take it personal when friends, family – even other writers who hang on your every word of wisdom and obviously think you are smart and funny – indicate they will not be reading your book because “it’s not the sort of thing I normally read,” for they know not what they do.  
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  Ask not what other writers can do for you – ask what you can do for other writers.  
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Writers can be some of the most insecure people out there, so they can be shy about asking for help, but here’s something you should know: It never hurts to ask. Speaking of which... At long last, there's a paperback edition of THE BRO-MAGNET out. Please consider: 1) buying a copy for yourself; 2...
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If you come out of an event to find bird poop all over your car, as I just did, try not to interpret it as being indicative of crowd reaction; really, I’m sure you did just fine – really!
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  For those of you laboring in the YA and children’s market, before doing a school visit, you need to ask yourself: Is the discrepancy between your author pic and the real you so great that children may run screaming into the void? (This actually can be extrapolated to include authors of adult...
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  You could do worse than to aspire to leave behind you the epitaph Charlotte achieves in Charlotte’s Web: a good writer and a good friend.  
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Laying tar in Texas in August because it’s the only job you can find is hard, riding the bus two hours to Toys “R” Us and two hours back because it’s the only way you can find to put food on the table is hard; there are a lot of things in life that are hard, but writing, however driven we may feel...
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  Somewhere along the journey, some writers get the idea that it’s attractive and somehow desirable to play the tortured artiste, such that their every utterance becomes all about how difficult writing and publishing is, but I know you’re smarter than that and I know you’ll choose a different...
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If you’ve read even one self-published book that made you think, “Wow, there sure are a lot of mistakes in this thing,” think about that before hitting PUBLISH on your own book without having either an acquaintance with superior editing skills or a paid editor go over it first.
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  When it comes to unethical practices, “Yeah, but everyone else does it” is not what I’m hoping to hear from you.  
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