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Moments of a Writer's Life, #89


The Moment I Got An Idea From Maureen Dowd: The New York Times Op-Ed columnist wrote a piece about George Bush and the memos pre-9/11 warning of a possible attack by Osama bin Laden in which she wondered: Where had all the intrepid Nancy Drews gone? I read the piece and it sparked my own idea, about a Manhattan nanny who, having made the mistake of having an affair with her employer, reads the same piece, whereupon she reads all 56 of the original Nancy Drew series so she can become more intrepid and then accepts a new nanny posting with the U.S. ambassador to Iceland in Reykjavik. Once there, history seems about to repeat itself with her new employer. There also may or may not be a madwoman in the attic. Equal parts Jane Eyre, Nancy Drew and Chick Lit, it posits the question: Can we learn from the past, changing the outcome when history repeats itself? Oh, and of course the Russian Mafia is involved somehow. I call it my contemporary comic-gothic mystery, a category I may very well have to myself. The book is called How Nancy Drew Saved My Life and it would become my fourth novel published by Red Dress Ink. Yeah, as a writer, I see ideas everywhere...and then I do really strange things with those ideas.