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Moments of a Writer's Life, #77


The Moment I Parted Company With Agent 5: Well, that was fast. Although Agent 5 had offered to represent me because she fell in love with Z: A Novel, her associates at her agency didn’t love it as much as she did and so she thought Vertigo would be a stronger book for her to go out with first; then we’d sell Z: A Novel. But before going out with either, she wanted changes on Vertigo...and then more changes...and then more changes... Oh, and she wasn’t sure about going out with Angel’s Choice, my YA book, even though I’d – through my YA-writing friends – made contact with no less than six YA editors who had asked to see it... And she wasn’t sure she wanted to pitch my idea for the anthology This Is Chick-Lit, even though at that year’s BEA I’d chatted with the publisher of a small press who was keen to publish it... So let’s see, I had all these things on my hard drive, but none of it was going anywhere because...? This one was a no-brainer. You don’t even need to hear me say the words.