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Moments of a Writer's Life, #76


The Moment I Got Annoyed: I read the news that there was an anthology coming out called This is Not Chick Lit. The idea behind the collection was that there were too many pink books out there, crowding the bookstores, making it impossible for those looking to read more literary efforts from women to find those worthy books. This pissed me off on so many levels. Without enumerating them here, let me just further say that, as a reader, it always makes my eyes bleed whenever I read someone say they can’t find enough of X or Y genre on the bookshelves. Are you kidding me? I want to shout at these people. With hundreds of thousands of new books published each year – more now that e-publishing has taken hold – if you can’t find the kind of books you like...YOU’RE NOT BLOODY LOOKING! But you can’t yell at people like that; other people might lock you away. So instead, I focused on the implied aspersion to Chick Lit as being unworthy and decided to put together my own collection, This is Chick-Lit, taking the positive approach to showcase the breadth and depth of the much-maligned subgenre.