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Moments of a Writer's Life, #130


The Moment My Husband Gave Me An Idea: My husband, a novelist by night but window washer by day, came home and mentioned that one of his clients said they should go skiing together sometime. This was not the first time such a thing had happened to him. And in case you don’t realize it, it’s really not that common for white-collar men to ask the blue-collar men doing work on their houses to pal around. I told my husband he was a bro-magnet. And then, of course, I got the idea to write a new novel, an adult comedy about an ultimate man’s man named Johnny Smith who’s been Best Man no less than eight times and yet secretly longs to be a groom. When he meets a high-powered DA who is the woman of his dreams, he systematically renounces his bro-magnet ways in the hopes of winning her heart. I started writing right away and I called this book – what else? – The Bro-Magnet.