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Fortune-Cookie Tips for Writers, #229

So your book gets published and all the Amazon reviews are good – four and five stars! – and you’re extremely happy until someone points out to you that some readers, seeing only good reviews, assume they’ve all been written by sockpuppet accounts set up by friends and family of yours and that these same readers find any book suspect when the page doesn’t have at least some slam reviews, so now you begin waiting and hoping for someone to trash your book on Amazon so you can finally feel legitimate and, and, and...really???

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It is so true.  I honestly believe half again as many words could be produced if writers just spent less time stressing over all of the social media hype and blog tours and traded reviews and ... bleah.  It was bad enough, back in the day, when you had one or two reviews printed over a period of months to stress about...

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Ah, the good old days...

...when we walked 10 miles to school in the snow and wrote all our novels with a quill by candlelight.