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Fortune-Cookie Tips for Writers, #228

Sometimes, while waiting to be discovered, a would-be published novelist will decide, “I’m going to start a blog in which I review books and not only will many of the reviews written be negative [which is perfectly fine] but they will also be sarcasm-dripping scathing, and not only will they attack the deficiencies and every minor wrongdoings of authors in the most mean-spirited way possible but they will also say things like ‘How does crap like this get published???’ [thereby calling into question the editor and publisher who bought the book], and now when I send my own book out on submission, agents and editors, once they see my digital footprint, will just be lining up to work with delightful me, and – ”; yeah, you just keep working on that one. 

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You mean...you mean....

Snark doesn't pay? 

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...snark does pay. It just depends on where you put it and what your goals are.