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Twitter Redux

So here I am talking about Twitter again.

Seems like lately, a lot of what I get interviewed about is Twitter.

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.

On the front page of the Arts section of the New York Times this past Saturday, Alessandra Stanley wrote an article - "What Are You Doing? Media Twitterers Can't Stop Typing" - gently skewering the likes of "Meet the Press" host David Gregory for tweeting about grabbing a bagel before the show. (Memo to NYT: "Hel-lo! NYT? You do realize your own newspaper is tweeting like crazy over there, don't you?" Ah, the irony...although I absolutely agree that that Republican congressman should *so* not have let himself get caught tweeting during Obama's bicameral address. "There is a time and place for everything, sir!" [Do I sound like Keith Olbermann there? Is he on Twitter?])

Then last light, when I was watching "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart had a scathingly funny piece on Twitter, making excellent use of Samantha Bee's comedic talents.

What is going on here???

Seems like once I became aware of a thing - MySpace comes to mind - that thing becomes almost instantly ubiquitous in the public consciousness...which means that the next inevitable step is for it to become passe with everyone moving on to the Next Big Thing while I'm left to...

Hey, maybe the NYT and Jon Stewart* will discover Red Room next and then everyone will be talking about us, and then...and then...

*(I realize Jon Stewart did blurb Red Room, but when was the last time he posted a blog here? Huh? At least I am doing my part.)

Be well. Don't forget to write. Or tweet.

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The Next Big Thing will be

The Next Big Thing will be sitting down to write manuscripts. In longhand.

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Loved the Jon Stewart piece.

Loved the Jon Stewart piece. I have a Twitter account and twitter a tweat now and then, but I don't really get it. It's kind of fun, except for that loud sucking sound I hear as time slips away.

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time suck

Kate, welcome! Things like Twitter absolutely can be a time suck if you let it, but I'm finding that if used judiciously, it can be an opportunity for off-the-book-page coverage as well as being fun (in moderation).

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Yeah. When I logged into Red

Yeah. When I logged into Red Room today, dear Mr. Colbert's face and fingers were pointing at me.

I'm wondering if Twitter is becoming a backwards Big Brother? Instead of BB spying on us, we're willingly posting everything we're doing, where we're going, and what we ate for dinner. It's almost as if we don't exist in today's world unless we tweet about it.

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too funny

Carolyn, I don't tweet too much about my consumption, but I have to say that occasionally I've had to stop myself with, "Hmm...didn't I just use my 'Ooh - wine!" line yesterday???"