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OPEN-MIC DAY is something I used to do about once a month over at MySpace. It became so popular, eliciting by far the most comments of any blogs I've done anywhere, it even spawned Open-Mic Days on other people's blogs. The way it works is that I basically open up my blog for others to talk to my audience in the comments section. Here's a list of some of the things you can do:

- ask a question about craft or industry, drawing on my quarter century in the book business;

- plug your own book, website, book-related business;

- share a fragment of writing, whether fiction or nonfiction or poetry;

- share good news, bad news;

- share a review;

- recommend a book;

- ask about the weather;

- really, whatever you want, because until I post a new blog next week, this space is yours.

So, with no further ado, I give you Open-Mic Day 1 on Red Room. Let's see what Red Room can do with it.

Be well. Don't forget to write.  

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A quotation for Open Mic

Hi Lauren,

For open mic, I'd like to contribute a quotation about reading:

"Think of reading, then, as an act of praise, of prayer, even, in which individuals reassert their devotion to creation and to the immanent world in which we reside, a world in which every aspect of life, from old tires piled high in a trash heap to the multiform patterns of snowflakes on a day in high winter, from the sickness of murder to the charity of parenthood, all make up part of a larger pattern." - Alan Cheuse, from LISTENING TO THE PAGE

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bad eyes

I first read that as "the chastity of parenthood" and thought, 'hmm, that doesn't sound so good...' Great quote, Tanya! And your novel, HOW TO BUY A LOVE OF READING, is also great - everyone, go buy Tanya's book!

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Parental Chastity

Thank you Lauren!

Btw, I think that watching our sweet (but very energetic) children may be enough to *inspire* chastity in teenage babysitters.