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Book of the Week: Nothing Like You

NOTHING LIKE YOU, Lauren Strasnick. From the back cover:

When Holly loses her virginity to Paul, a guy she barely knows, she assumes their encounter is a one-night stand. After all, Paul is too popular to even be speaking to Holly...and he happens to have a long-term girlfriend, Saskia. But ever since Holly's mom died six months ago, Holly has been numb to the world, and she's getting desperate to feel something, anything--so when Paul keeps pursuing her, Holly relents. Paul's kisses are a welcome diversion...and it's nice to feel like the kind of girl that a guy like Paul would choose.

But things aren't so simple with Saskia around. Paul's real girlfriend is willowy and perfect... and nothing like Holly. To make matters worse, she and Holly are becoming friends. Suddenly the consequences of Holly's choices are all too real, and Holly stands to lose more than she ever realized she had.

I absolutely loved this Young Adult novel, which is due out on October 20. Ms. Strasnick does a fabulous job of creating a sympathetic character caught in a web of occasionally unsympathetic and yet always wholly explicable behavior. The reader really roots for things to end well for Holly and this is exactly the sort of book that makes some YA novels as appealing to adults these days as they are to teens.  

How about you? Read anything great this past week?

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