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Book of the Week: Land of the Living

LAND OF THE LIVING, Nicci French. Imagine you find yourself in a dank, dark place, trussed up. Imagine you have no memory of events leading to your current condition but that you gradually come to realize - over days of being underfed, underwatered, forced to use a bucket as a toilet, most of the time with a hood over your head - you're being held captive by a madman. Imagine realizing that other women have been in this exact position for you and figuring out that it did not end well for any of them. Now imagine that somehow, even though you've lost about 20 pounds in a single week, you summon the physical and mental strength necessary to break the bonds of captivity. Determined not to be just another dead female victim, you escape, you smell fresh air again, you wake in the hospital, you get to tell your story to the police who will no doubt apprehend the sick person who did this to you and...

Now finally imagine the growing awareness that the police do not believe you; that with no evidence to the contrary, what they do believe is that you somehow did all this to yourself. Has the world gone mad or have you? And if you're not the mad one, this means that the perpetrator is still out there, free to victimize other women, knowing you're alive, knowing you're still a risk to him, wanting and needing you to be dead... So now it's down to you to save yourself and stop the madness, because there's no one else you can rely on, just you.

Such is the premise behind LAND OF THE LIVING, another pulse-pounder from the British husband-wife team that pens psychological suspense novels under the name Nicci French.

How about you? Read anything good this past week?

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