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Book of the Week: Help Me Out Here!

No, "Help Me Out Here" is not the title of some book you haven't heard of. It's a genuine plea. In the past week I've read five novels and not a single one of them is worthy of being "Book of the Week" here. So that's why I need your help. Has my radar for picking books that will turn off to be good ones gone on the fritz??? Pleasepleaseplease help me, tell me:


Be well. Don't forget to write.

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book of the week

I've been reading "Light and Its Shadow" by Shelley Berc. Her characters are like your neighbors in a small town that have done their best to ride the trends in the world. Her writing is lyrical. The backdrop a century of running a department store in Galatea, Illinois for a century. Olive seems to be on her deathbed-at 100 years old who could blame her. She asks, Spider, who was a young loner when Olive took her in, to come home and write Olive's life story on the computer. But that is so superficial a description of the novel I'm not sure I should leave that sentence! Spider is my favorite character because she reminds me of me agoraphobic and computer nut, loving pink sweat suits for their comfort.
Here's one of Olive's thoughts, "I think sometimes, how I have wasted my life, running a silly department store! But then I remember: a spring bouquet of dresses dancing in the window, a hundred seasons o f fur trimmed coats anchored upon shining racks, and watches, glittering like pearls at the bottom of the display case. I think of all the magic I made out of shadow, which gives shape to light and was the very thing that my merchandise was made of. Light without shape, without beginning or end, is unbearable for human beings. So I kept my customer's yes set on Light's shadow, disguised as things. I protected them from turning around and seeing the shapeless, blinding monster that light unformed by darkness truly is. Page 124 Olive, Galatea, 1999,Light and Its Shadow by Shelley Berc
I highly recommend this book.

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Thanks for the tip!

I had not heard of that one!

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Ah.... sorry

i had swine flu all week and all i could get through was mysteries and thrillers. short attention span and lots of sleep:)

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Sorry about the swine flu, Lisa - feel better!