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"All My Friends Are Writers" on BiblioBuffet + The Sisters 8 contest

Read "All My Friends Are Writers" on BiblioBuffet and scroll down for chance to win first four books in The Sisters 8 series: here.

How about you? Are all your friends writers?

Be well. Don't forget to write.



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Not even most of them. The creative outlet of choice among my close friends is music. Sure, some of them write music, and even lyrics, but usually lyrics aren't the focus.

Music is popular, and math is popular, but most of my good friends aren't even big readers, let alone writers.

Writer's groups and the internet community are where I get my writer-friend fix. And right now, they don't outnumber my non-writer friends.

It's kind of sad, really...

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No, not sad...

Miriam, it sounds like you've got an eclectic group of friends and obviously more than one friend - yea, you!!!