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Laurel Snyder's Books

Inside the Slidy Diner
Inside The Slidy Diner, everyone shouts and coughs. Clatter and Din! Hullabaloo! Inside The Slidy Diner, the noise is always. But there's no music. Inside The Slidy Diner, the floors all slant and the tables tilt. When a sticky bun rolls onto the floor, Ethelmae sweeps it up and serves it again. To you. Meet Edie, who resides--permanently--at The Slidy Diner. She'd really like...
U and Down the Scratchy Mountains
THIS IS THE tale of Lucy and her best friend, Wynston. Until recently, they spent their days paddling in the river, picking blackberries, and teasing each other mercilessly. But now, King Desmond has insisted that Wynston devote every spare second to ruby-shining and princess-finding. Lucy feels left out. So she sets off for the Scratchy Mountains to solve the mystery of her...
Myth of the Simple Mchines
The gorgeous simplicity of Laurel Snyder's language makes all the possibilities—and the impossibility—of living stand out starkly. Her machines are thought machines, memory machines, the machines of false and daily logic, and we recognize them all. And, of course, they don't work this time either, but Snyder has found the poignancy in this, and more than that, she has found its...
Half/Life: Jew-ish Tales from Intrfaith Homes
This anthology of 18 essays takes for granted that Jews will intermarry, and that the children of intermarriages will be "halfs," or half-Jews. Being a half, says Snyder, is not second best; it is not a pale imitation of being really Jewish. Rather, "half" is an interesting, incorrigible, perplexing and profound moniker in its own right, a label that somehow...