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First timer throws herself to the wolves

All right. 

I believe that I have gotten over the hump. I mean the really big hump. The hump of actually writing a... a... well anything. I have written poetry for years, mostly for myself and some published in dish rags around here, but somewhere in my inconstant brain I decided on sitting down to write a story and ... I did.

Not to sound...well... weird, but the creative part for me has always been a lesser hump than actualizing my creative aspirations in any way because invariably you end up having to do some dreaded business. Ugh. My skin tingles at the sound. Plus, I really don't know my arse from my elbow when it comes with doing the business of being a writer. (Why is it that we prepare our artists so well to be creative geniuses and I am by no means a creative genius and then send them out into the world not knowing anything about marketing? - another day I suppose.) 

 Enter the internet. After months of searching around some author's websites and milling around places like Writers Market and Agent Query and, and, and... I feel like I wrapped my head around what I need to do. So. So. So, I wrote my query letter. I have done two mechanical edits on my manuscript and have my list of desirable agents in a nifty little word document on my computer from most desirable to least desirable. For the agents that want their queries snail mail I have a roll of stamps, #10 envelopes and printed return address labels. I got a new printer, so my queries would be crisp and professional. I got a new computer so I could finish the other two books that are in the series I am writing. I got myself signed up to every legitimate writing website I could. I bought books on marketing yourself as a writer. I got on my space and facebook and I am getting a website. I have spoken to writers I know. I have read articles on writing and what agents want. I have read countless agent websites. I have re-read my manuscript four...or is it five... times... 

 And I stare at my query letter every morning. My goal is to send it out by the end of January. I actually sweat every time I think about it. I sweat. Its not pretty, I assure you. Right now, writing this I am nauseous. I feel sort of like a climber who has spent a year exercising and researching all the right tools and equipment for the climb, but when he gets to the mountain...

I guess we'll see what happens next. I know I will send the queries in. Just one more small edit to the manuscript, then it will be satisfactory.

I don't even know why I am writing this... Oh yeah. Nobody will read it and its a great way to postpone actually working on my writing.



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From Kathy

You are something else. Good luck, not that you need it.. I will say this. We think success is being published when success is being an Author... Published just means that now we are getting paid for it. The hard part is over my dear friend, just another one of your so many accomplishments    Now,  Market, market, market.. 

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how do you friggin rock my world?

i couldn't count the ways... I wouldn't have time for anything else... you have always been that one person that gave me hope in myself when, at my darkest moments, i forgot what i was capable of... 

you will never know what that means