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Going to LoneStarCon in San Antonio?  Be sure to attend the Broad Universe RFR.  The readers will include Rachael Acks, Carol Berg, Folly Blaine, Valerie Estelle Frankel, Elektra Hammond, Laurel Anne Hill, Alexis Glynn Latner, Katherine Mankiller, Tracy S. Morris, Roberta Rogow, Kathryn Sullivan, and Barbara Ann Wright. Broad Universe is an...
Written by Laurel on August 16th, 2013   Read Moon-Flame Woman by Laurel Anne Hill Nominated for an Aurora Award in Canada!   Your assignment, if you care to accept it, is to head for the blog of Melanie Karsak: Steam U!  There, my character Cho Ting-Lam (the Moon-Flame Woman in SHANGHAI STEAM) provides tips for unpublished characters.  If...
Written by Laurel on August 6th, 2013   FAULT ZONE ANTHOLOGY Enter your short story in the FAULT ZONE contest.  DEADLINE IS AUGUST 31, 2013.  This contest is for non-members of the SF/Peninsula Branch of California Writers Club. Fault Zone: Shift, the fourth in the anthology series edited by the SF/Peninsula Branch of California Writers, will be...
Boston Globe, August 30. 2013
From Byran Bender's article in the Boston Globe, August 3, 2013: The inability of Congress to bridge the partisan divide on fiscal policy is literally a matter of life and death for some civilians in war-ravaged nations, where US-funded operations to remove unexploded bombs and land mines are being canceled or curtailed for lack of money. Leftover explosives...