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Reading PEARLs for March (Futuristic Romance)
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Lady Ozma
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Futuristic Romance - Heroes Arise: OK, this one I had to read. This was a gift from an author for interviewing her. My last year was so nightmarish that we don't want to discuss what happened to my plans to read the book. I am glad to read and review this books, though as she's a new author. This was a debut novel and I love to highlight it. She really created quite the alien society with all sorts of traditions and religious beliefs and whatnot. It shows a very well thought out story with intricate characters that were very believable and three-dimensional. She also got a very talented artist to add to the book, which was very delightful. I want to recommend this one, especially to the young adult crowd. The main character is seeking to regain his honour after a thief and well, terrorist sort, kills his wife. If he regains his honour and gets his past wife's spirit to give the OK, he can remarry. He leaves on an arduous and dangerous journey and learns a lot about himself as well as honour. I decided it could count as romance since the main character wanted to remarry, though honestly romance was nonexistent in this one.