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Steampunk Laptop Computer (Gestational Stage One: The Prototype)

Okay, I did it.  Totally went over the top as 2011 drew to a close.  I ordered an amazing piece of functional art I couldn’t afford.  Oh, but I’m so glad I did.  In this era of iPhones and iPads — neither of which I own — the time had arrived to assert my passion for yesteryear’s craft.  Thus, I contacted artist Richard “Doc” Nagy of Datamancer and put in my request for a steampunk laptop computer: a state-of-the-art electronic marvel in a masterpiece case of wood, brass and clockwork.  Doesn’t everyone want a laptop that turns on by using the equivalent of an old-fashioned skate key?

So now, my “steampunk baby” has entered gestational stage one — the prototype.  I just received photos of Nagy’s red mahogany stain test on a prototype frame.  Check out the Datamancer website (http://www.datamancer.net) to view a picture of the steampunk laptop he created several years ago.  Cool!

Happy New Year!

Laurel Anne Hill  (Author of Heroes Arise)


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That's beautiful! We have a

That's beautiful!

We have a very active Steampunk community that meets in Fairbanks.  I've created a few items myself, mostly incorporating ancient vacuum tubes.