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Interested in dreams? Then read about these upcoming events (from Laurel Anne Hill, Author of "Heroes Arise")

My niece, Anne Hill (Author of "What To Do When Dreams Go Bad"), sent me the following notice today.  If you are interested in dreams, read on!

Thank you,

Laurel Anne Hill, Author of "Heroes Arise," http://www.laurelannehill.com


Creating a Dreaming Culture, Thurs. March 18 in Sebastopol

Many Rivers Books & Tea, 130 S. Main St. in Sebastopol, is hosting an evening talk on “Creating a Dreaming Culture,” Thursday March 18, at 7:30 pm. 

Anne Hill will be discussing how different cultures approach dreams, and the possibilities for blending Western dreamwork approaches with more literal and shamanic dream traditions, to create a vibrant culture where dreams are used for both inner and outer guidance. Please join the conversation.

Many Rivers is a wonderful place to shop for “Tools for Spiritual Practice.” They have a wide selection of books on all sorts of religious, spiritual, esoteric, and philosophical subjects, as well as fragrant teas for sale. Anne's book, What To Do When Dreams Go Bad, will be available for purchase at the event, and she will also have some beautiful dream pillows for sale, made with fresh herbs from her own dream garden.

Dream Oracles Ancient and Modern, 4-wk Online Class

Cherry Hill Seminary http://cherryhillseminary.org has a wonderful “Foundations” program every summer, where faculty get to design innovative 4-week courses on topics of their choice, for a general audience. This is a great way to explore intriguing material in an online class setting, without the demands of entering a degree program. Anne is creating the Dream Oracles class now, and has tentatively scheduled it for June 7 – July 2. If you are interested please let her know and she will give you more information.

Great New Review of Nightmare Book—Support Your Local Bookstores!

Dr. Robert Van De Castle, author of Our Dreaming Mind and lifelong dream researcher, just wrote a lovely review of Anne's book What To Do When Dreams Go Bad at amazon.com. Dr. Van De Castle is a well-respected name in the dream field, and Anne is honored to have his favorable review, here: http://bit.ly/aOMpSu

When Dreams Go Bad
is available many places locally, including Copperfield’s Books in Healdsburg, Montgomery Village, Sebastopol, and Petaluma; Field’s Books in San Francisco; River Reader Books in Guerneville; Reader Books in Sonoma; Milk and Honey in Sebastopol, and of course Many Rivers Books & Tea in Sebastopol.

Other News of Note

The list of fabulous guests coming on Dream Talk Radio continues to grow. Upcoming shows include author Eileen Clegg on Creativity (3/18); author Sondra Kornblatt on how to make the most of Insomnia (4/1); author Steven Herrmann on William Everson and the Shaman-Poet archetype (4/8); Robert Waggoner on Lucid Dreaming (4/15), and later in April Dr. Judith Orloff will discuss intuition and healing (4/22). Podcasts and more information on the show can be found at http://dreamtalkradio.net and you can subscribe through iTunes at http://bit.ly/2lIC4Z .