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Horror Takes No Holidays: The 2012 Wicked Women Writers Challenge Assignments

This morning I stepped up to my talking fortune-telling calendar and asked the big question.  Will the 2012 Wicked Women Writers Challenge be a success?  Then I pressed the two answer-request buttons.

“Your heart’s desire is manifesting as we speak,” said Carma the Wise.

“You’re in luck,” Dr. Fortune agreed.

Carma and Dr. Fortune don’t always hand out such positive predictions.  Needless to say, their comments made my day.  WICKED WOMEN WRITERS ROCK, and even my wall calendar knows it.

Here’s the list of story assignments for the 2012 Wicked Women Writers Challenge.

Chantal Boudreau
Holiday:  Thanksgiving
Location:  Wal-Mart
Object:  A sack of marbles

Jennifer Caress
Holiday:  New Year’s Day
Location:  A campground
Object:  An eagle feather

Amity Green
Holiday:  St Patrick’s Day
Location:  An opera house
Object:  A  leather shoestring

Jaki Idler
Holiday:  Valentine’s Day
Location:  A train station
Object:  A Gucci handbag

Jenna M. Pitman
Holiday:  The Fourth of July
Location:  A cruise ship
Object:  A silver candelabra

Michele Roger
Holiday:  Columbus Day
Location: A computer mainframe room
Object: A walkie-talkie

Killion Slade
Holiday:  Passover
Location:  A seashore
Object:  A garden rake

Hollie Snider
Holiday:  Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
Location:  SPCA/dog pound
Object:  A copy of the Wall Street Journal

Rebecca Snow
Holiday:  Christmas
Location:  A tunnel
Object:  A Matzo ball

Charissa Udar
Holiday:  The Queen’s Birthday Holiday
Location:  A dentist’s office
Object:  An ancient arrowhead

Jeri Unselt
Holiday:  Memorial Day
Location:  A museum
Object:  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Maria Violante
Holiday:  Halloween
Location:  A gas station
Object:  A mink coat

Warm and wicked wishes to our twelve writers this year.  I’m so excited.  Who will be “Most Wicked 2012?”

Laurel Anne Hill (Most Wicked 2011)