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"Heroes Arise," and an Unexpected Surprise (by Laurel Anne Hill)

I love going to science fiction/fantasy cons.  Friendly people, fun panels, awesome costumes, and imaginative artwork only begin to describe what cons have to offer.  After OryCon 32 earlier this month, I added another item to my list of delights: surprises.  

I received a totally unexpected surprise when I served on the "Writing Quality Work for Young Adults" panel with Sharyn November, S.D. Perry and Nina Kiriki Hoffman  on November 12.  As I introduced myself and showed off my published novel, "Heroes Arise," Sharyn November (Editorial Director of Firebird) expressed interest in seeing my book, then purchased my copy from me in front of the audience.   

"Do you have change for a ten?" she said as she rummaged through her purse.  Then she claimed she never had done anything like this on a panel before.  Nor had I.  

Needless to say, I was pleased.  Sharyn November is one of those intelligent, energetic and talented people one can't help but admire.  She breathes life into her surroundings.  

November 12 was a very special day.  

Warm wishes,

Laurel Anne Hill (Author of "Heroes Arise")