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The Fear Inside

This fourth of July is a busy one with parades, several parties to attend, and a flag dedication.

Even though I am confident in my beliefs and outwardly strong, I still have a fear every time I lift my shirt in public to breast feed my daughter. It's not like I've even had a negative experience. My face isn't inviting: people don't see me as approachable to their ideas. Plus, it really is a statement to nurse in public and society views the nursing mother as opinionated and rough--one to be left alone. Hopefully someday it won't be debatable, but today it is.

So as I get dressed for my many public appearances today, I know that my little girl will be eating several times and I need to choose an accommodating shirt. I wish I could say that knowing the law and my quick tongue will silent naysayers is enough, because it should be. But today, it's still not.

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Ha Funny! I breastfed my

Ha Funny! I breastfed my three sons and often in the supermarket too! I refused to be compromised in my belief that what I was doing was offensive, so I chose the natural approach as in whenever my beautiful child needed food I fed him, cereal aisles seemed to stimulate the feeding urge the most. I found it quite easy to latch my son on and push the shopping cart quite happily, nobody ever batted an eye. Go for it.

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I know-I am the same way.

I know-I am the same way. Well, not about the cereal aisle, but I do feed her whenever she is hungry. I just need more confidence.