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Dear Aaron Schock

 Good Evening.

I called your office twice this last week and received an email from you earlier.

I read the entire email and appreciate you returning my calls via email. Unfortunately, I disagree with you on many points.

A few from your email:

"By ridding our health care system of unscrupulous people, we can ensure that money in our health care system goes to keeping folks healthy, instead of lining the pockets of dishonest individuals."

While "ridding or health care system of unscrupulous people" sounds like a promising action, it is unrealistic. I too wish that unscrupulous and dishonest people did not abuse government systems or any system for that matter. However, no politician, republican or democrat, can ensure that people will always follow the law and obey guidelines. If so, our world would have fewer problems. One way to rid the health system of unscrupulous people is to vote for the reform bill, so unscrupulous people, like those running insurance companies, have guidelines to follow.

Furthermore, you support "portability" which does not cover those who lose their jobs. Also, some people keep their jobs simply to keep their insurance. Should professions such as teaching really have people working, unwillingly, only to keep health insurance?

Lastly, your email gives numerous statistics about speaking to doctors. This seems to be a moot point, as all doctors have different opinions. Both republicans and democrats have doctors who support their side in the health care reform.

I do wish that you would help support the health care reform bill. I understand that it is a new and scary change for some of your constituents. It is however, the best bill put forward, especially as your party has done little to change health reform, ever. While we may agree that the reform bill is imperfect, I question which law or bill is not. I urge you to reconsider your stand on the health care reform bill.