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Credit Card Fun

Because I procrastinate, I waited until today to pay my credit card that was due today. 

 I try to log in online to make the payment, to which I receive a message that my social security number is incorrect.

I call the company, because I do not want a late fee, and speak to a man for about 10 minutes. He's pretty agreeable, except he will not wave the $15 fee for making a payment online. I know he can do it, and although in this negotiation I really don't have any cards, I'm not walking away. I continue talking, and as I do, I notice that we are disconnected.

I call back, enter all the numbers, again, wait on hold, and speak to a lady who informs me that unfortunately, since I last called, the hour has changed and I now have a late fee in addition to the $15 fee for  making a payment by phone. I suggest that she give me to a manager.

At this point, I have little  ammunition. I have my mouth, which the manager does not want me to run continually as I will for as long as it takes. 

A few minutes later, after much chatting, the late fee is reversed and I only pay $7.50 of the $15 over the phone fee. 

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Listen Here, Ms Latefee...

Please don't call, trying to get anything out of me. I'm a pushover.

Post to your blog regularly, and I won't have to send you threatening collection letters that we'll only end up senselessly haggling over.