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Chicago, IL
Oct 2008

I am a recovering Southerner, Type-A Buddhist, inflexible yogini, and WFHMom to a ridiculously cute and funny preschooler (we'll call him FrogBoy, both for his amphibious nature and what has been pointed out to me as an unusually gravelly voice for his age). I'm a shitty housekeeper and an even worse cook. The only thing I know how to use in my kitchen is the computer.

Also a hater of all things white and gloopy: yogurt, mayonnaise, Rush Limbaugh, cottage cheese, cream cheese. (Ice cream is okay. Flan is not. Don't even say the words "rice pudding" in my vicinity or I will pass out.)

Hobbies include yoga, writing, rolling my eyes, yelling at people in traffic, and complaining when forced by my husband to go camping. (We'll refer to him as AquaMan: he would live underwater if I let him. This is where FrogBoy gets it from. Like poor hoodwinked Ariel, the only reason the two of them live on land at all is because of their undying love for me.)

I excel at stressing out about things I can't control, controlling the things I can, and not knowing the difference.

Oh, and I write.