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Montreal, QC, Canada
Nov 2008

Laura Roberts is the founder and editor-in-chief of Black Heart Magazine, a web-based sex magazine, and the author for "V for Vixen," a weekly sex column that appears in Montreal's alternative paper, Hour. Follow her personal blog or read more of her work online at buttontapper.com, check her cheap-eats blog at Shoestring Montreal, or follow her on Twitter under the screen name originaloflaura!


Jeanette Winterson, Salman Rushdie, Douglas Adams, Leonard Cohen, Wes Anderson, Raymond Chandler, Hunter S. Thompson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Inga Muscio, AV Flox, anything and everything that comes to hand

Upcoming Works

FICTION: Blowjobs for the Soul, NON-FICTION: Sexy Montreal guidebook

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this, that and the other * reading, writing, editing, re-reading, re-writing, posting, perusing, pondering * serving on the Co-op Bookstore's Board of Directors * bitching, biking, bowling, hiking, lifting heavy pieces of metal to create pretty girly muscles * snapping pix, snapping gum, snapping underwear, pretty much anything that involves snapping * life, the universe and everything * people, places and things * sunrise, sunset * here, there and everywhere * inexplicable turns of phrase * the unbelievably beautiful Wingardhs Mill House in Vastra Karup, Sweden