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Mar 2012

I've been reading since, well, always, and writing since my sophomore year in college when I decided that "I can do that, too" after taking a literature class. Ha. I'm still at it! For the past four years I've been writing on blog, www.RebelliousThoughtsofaWoman.com. I've also written a memoir, Get Your Words Off Me, and a novel, Rose Flags.

The best compliment that I received from a reader is that everything I have written about and said, she has experienced. That is my goal--to be blunt and open and honest for all of us, for us all to feel less alone as we wander through life.

Since I teach high school English and I read the paper, what with all of the far-too-often ill-informed discussions and decisions from education decision-makers, it's no wonder that I've started writing a book about teaching.

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